We weren't looking for a project of this scale. But Lance said, "I just have three things to say: Mid-Century Modern, circular driveway, Birch trees". He had me at Mid-Century but I let him keep talking anyway.

This house was custom-built in 1955 by a couple, both doctors, with no children. The original details in this house are exceptional. And we are grateful that, although other people have occupied this house, the original design has never been altered.

Many builders and developers looked at this 15,000 sq. ft. lot to scrape the house and even subdivide. In a way, we feel like we have saved this treasure. And we intend to bring it back to its original grandeur, and then some.

The vision

We hired an amazing renderer, Erik Joya, to help us bring our vision to life. He used our engineering plans, work-in-progress landscape drawings and vision boards to create these images.


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