Willow Glen Way - Up It Goes!

Framing is underway. And up it goes!

Things are moving at a rapid pace. Lance is at it almost full time managing foundation specialists, plumbing, electrical, subs, vendors, inspections, framing and MUCH more. But the most satisfying part of this whole process (at least for me) is framing. It's tangible and it moves fast.

Here is a stop motion video to capture the last couple weeks of this magnificent house coming to life.

The Render


As a reminder, here is the render. This is ultimately what the house will look like, give or take a bit.

Design is underway!


We are making decisions on everything: Paint, flooring, cabinets, hardware, vanities, stair railings and…wallpaper. Oh, it’s so fun and exciting and stressful. The next blog will start to go into the details. But this image above is a little taste. This is the inspiration of the main living space and kitchen. Isn’t it lovely?

Next Up: Design

Yep, we’ve got a Willow Glen Way pinterest board. Check it out here.

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Thanks for joining us!

Willow Glen Way - Demo is underway

Willow Glen Way : The End of an Era



So, we demo’d the house. And I have a bunch of pictures for you. Truly it was hard to watch. We had neighbors standing across the street for hours watching it come down. And the most remarkable thing of all is that it came down in one day, Amazing to think how long it takes to build a house and how quickly it comes down.

Ok, are you ready? Here we go!

Here’s a little BEFORE & AFTER from the corner. IT’S GONE.

Check out the video

Next up:

We start cleaning the lot and building it back up. Stay tuned!

If you just started following us, take a look at where we started with Willow Glen Way. Here’s the link.

And, hey, I got a Pinterest board going as we get into design. Check it out here.

We turned a pool room into a fun room

We turned a pool room into a fun room

Got some teens but short on space? Try this trick.

So, we have a small backyard that is basically taken up with a pool. Tucked into one corner is this small little structure that housed our leaky old pool equipment, tools and left-over Costco purchases. It was a mess! But at least it was a place to store stuff in a small house with very little storage.

Introducing Willow Glen Way

Introducing Willow Glen Way

Yes, I know. We said we were taking a break.

But we couldn't resist this little gem.

Lance and I have walked by this house for years. Once in awhile we'd see an older man come in and out in his 70's Cadillac. We would always talk about what elements were salvagable and what we'd do if it were ours. 

Our Mid-Century Modern Flip

Our Mid-Century Modern Flip

There's no doubt that the best part of house flipping are the BEFORE & AFTERS. 

There is something so satisfying about seeing the BEFORE & AFTER comparisons, especially if it's been shot from the same angle. After doing a few homes and making the mistake of not shooting the correct angles, I've learned my lesson. This time, we did a better job of anticipating the most profound design changes. The only ones which aren't represented are the areas that were completed gutted and reconfigured.

Please join us to see what we did to bring this amazing house to life.

Dark Walls. Dark Rooms.

Dark Walls. Dark Rooms.

I find myself drooling over these magnificent, dark rooms in magazines and on Pinterest. But I am sort of intimidated to do it. My own house is all bright white (White Dove to be specific). So, with the exception of my Teal Pool Bathroom, there's nowhere to do it. 

And, since we've been flipping homes, I've tried to stay on the safe side, design-wise, wanting to make choices that are interesting, but appeal to a larger audience. 

But things are changing!

Weaver Bathroom Plans

Weaver Bathroom Plans

It's been a busy time at Weaver. In the last 2 weeks, drywall went up, windows were installed, exterior siding finished. Which means what? 

We're ready for tile!

This is the largest house we've done. And with the addition of the new full bath in the checkerboard bathroom, we're up to 3 bathrooms to do! That's a lot of design decisions. And heaps and heaps of tile.