Introducing Willow Glen Way

Yes, I know. We said we were taking a break.

But we couldn't resist this little gem.

Lance and I have walked by this house for years. Once in awhile we'd see an older man come in and out in his 70's Cadillac. We would always talk about what elements were salvagable and what we'd do if it were ours. 

So Lance went on a rampage getting financiing in order and working with our realtor Darcey Arena, to secure an offer.

However, each time I drove by, I saw another local reputable contractor's truck outside the house with multiple people walking around looking and measuring. Finally, we found out that we lost it to a contractor. And, frankly I was a bit relieved. Since I do have two jobs and 3 kids to manage! However, that offer fell through and, a couple days later, we got the house!

Here's our little beauty.

As gorgeous as it is, we spoke to engineers and knew it was not salavable. So, what did we do?

We had a party!

The inhabitants lived in this house since 1942. Joe, the owner, moved there when he was 5 until his recent death in his 80's. Joe knew many of the neighbors and was a fixture in the neighborhood. We wanted to honor him and the house. We also wanted to give people a chance to walk through it before it gets demo'd in a few weeks time.


Here's the flyer


And here are some shots of the little NEIGHBORHOOD EVENT.


Our RIP party made it into the news!

Here's a  link  to the full story.

Here's a link to the full story.

Here's a sneak peek at our vision.

We want to turn this tutor cottage into a magnificent 2-story Tudor filled with charm. There will be much more to come. In them meantime, follow our Pinterest Board as it fills with our dreams for this house.


Stay Tuned!