Willow Glen Way - Up It Goes!

Framing is underway. And up it goes!

Things are moving at a rapid pace. Lance is at it almost full time managing foundation specialists, plumbing, electrical, subs, vendors, inspections, framing and MUCH more. But the most satisfying part of this whole process (at least for me) is framing. It's tangible and it moves fast.

Here is a stop motion video to capture the last couple weeks of this magnificent house coming to life.

The Render


As a reminder, here is the render. This is ultimately what the house will look like, give or take a bit.

Design is underway!


We are making decisions on everything: Paint, flooring, cabinets, hardware, vanities, stair railings and…wallpaper. Oh, it’s so fun and exciting and stressful. The next blog will start to go into the details. But this image above is a little taste. This is the inspiration of the main living space and kitchen. Isn’t it lovely?

Next Up: Design

Yep, we’ve got a Willow Glen Way pinterest board. Check it out here.

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Thanks for joining us!