Meth Shack or Construction Zone?

Meth Shack or Construction Zone?

This is not for the faint of heart, people.

Oh my gosh, guys. This place seems to be more of a demolition zone every time I go there. But, believe it or not, we are making progress. Last week was a BIG week. Take a look.

take a walk through the mess with me. watch this video (below)


Disaster of the Week

First, we stumbled upon a tree stump that was about 3 feet in diameter. I got the lovely task of digging around it so the Stump Grinder (yes, that is a profession) could find the edges and grind it out. In the process, he (the Stump Grinder) ground through a water link and gas line. Lucky for us PGE was out front retro fitting the whole street, so they hooked us up!

Sneak Peek

In the time it took to get my butt in gear to write this, the dry wall went up. Well, its in the process. Oh my word! The transformation is sublime.