Flipping Lincoln Avenue: Fun with Tack Strips

Flipping Lincoln Avenue: Fun with Tack Strips

So, I should start by telling you that Lance is the builder on the team. Together, we come up with a vision. Then he oversees construction. And tells me what to do.

Since I don’t have any real building skills, I get the fun stuff, like light demolition and heavy duty cleaning. Today’s job is pulling up the tack strips that hold the carpet down.

This place stinks.

One of the reasons I’ve been given this job is so we are able to remove the carpet, because it absolutely reeks. This is a job that involves hours of bending, stooping, and kneeling while pounding this leverage tool to remove the nails in order to pull up these lovely things called tack strips.

Not fun at all, but pretty good for calorie burning (or maybe just messing up my back).


Here is some evidence, including a purple knuckle from when my hammer missed its intended destination.

Ta da!

Now that the tack strips are up, we’ve rolled up the carpet and are removing the stinky carpet pad. Wow, that’s satisfying. Now, we just need to air out the house for a while. A long while.

X marks the spot.

This is code for 'knock this thing down'! Doesn't it sort of make you want to get out your mallet and start banging. This would actually be great therapy.


Sneak preview (keep your eye on the arch).

This is far from a Before and After. But it’s progress. It’s kind of like plastic surgery. It gets worse before it gets better. Stay tuned for the full demo next time.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have any tips for getting tack strips up. I’d be eternally grateful.